Sick boy and some pictures

Well, I finally bought an iPhone.

{Actually, I meant to buy an iPod Touch, but apparently I'm incredibly naive when it comes to purchasing electronics on craigslist. My new iPhone 4 is beautiful, does everything but make phone calls, and was had for such a low price it is most certainly "hot". Ah well.}

It's been rainy and gray here in Washington. It makes for lovely, long runs but is terrible for un-acclimated children. L has been deathly ill-- he didn't leave that chair for three days-- and now that he's on the mend, I'm determined to fatten him back up. {aren't his frail legs so sad looking?}

While I miss J terribly, it's been such an enjoyable vacation. Watching my parents with my children is one of my great joys.

The other day, I overheard my dad reprimanding E. {We don't put things in people's ears! That's just a rule!} His stern tone was so familiar, I instinctively cringed before realizing he wasn't talking to me. In fact, that tone hasn't been directed towards me in years..

Yes, it's official. I'm now an adult. :)

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Singin' Heart said...

I had to cringe when you said that you enjoy running in the rain. I use to until I trained for the half marathon during the winter months in Olympia - NEVER AGAIN!!! Ice headaches cause it's so cold. It'll be a while till I can actually say I enjoy running in the rain.

Sorry to hear about sick boys. They need to get better by thursday or I'm not visiting - just playing - but I swear something is wrong with this city. This has been one sick year!!! Can't wait to see you!!!

LisAway said...

Ha! Now you're doing what I do! Except mine is an older version. Still awesome, though.

Glad you're enjoying time with your parents. And that your dad doesn't reprimand you anymore. :) Good luck fattening that poor boy up.

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