My mom keeps saying that she doesn't know what the appeal of Yosemite is-- that given the choice, she wouldn't visit, because it lacks the grandeur of someplace like the Grand Canyon. While I understand her concern that it's 'just nature' and 'boring', I think she'd change her mind if she saw it.

We drove in just as the sun was setting. Campfire smoke was settling in the valley between mountain peaks like a grey river, and breathtaking cliff faces were bathed in red light. We'd driven like mad to try and reach the park in daylight-- taking the snaking roads and switchbacks at such speed that we'd made Baby R carsick and he'd thrown up in protest. But the light disappeared as we approached, leaving us with just a glimpse of purple mountains and thundering waterfalls.

Luckily, we'd paid for a tent in Housekeeper Camp and didn't have to set up in the dark. I was impressed with the accommodations-- a screened cooking and dining area, three beds and electricity. No more sleeping on the ground! Though it was strange to be so closely quartered with other campers. It was like one of those old Donald Duck cartoons where everyone rushes to spend time in the 'great outdoors' only to become more intimately acquainted with their neighbor than they would back in suburbia. It was basically tent city in there, complete with frustrations over finding a parking space.

But we were warm and comfortable, and as long as no one teased Little Miss C by making bear noises {she was a little paranoid after having the purpose of the bear locker explained to her} and we had a pleasant evening.

The next morning we went to see the upper and lower Yosemite Falls and the giant sequoia trees. I wanted to drive thru one the way I remember seeing in old movies, but apparently that one fell down back in the 60's {apparently sequoia roots are shallow and driving on them wasn't a good idea.}

We took pictures {L even took one of us-- I love his 3-year-old perspective} then had a picnic and hit the road once more.  Someday when the kids are older, I'd like to go back and do some hiking, climbing and tubing. I could spend a week there, easily...

PS- When we first saw the amazing cliff faces, I couldn't help but start reciting lines from Star Trek V. J poked fun at my nerdiness, but then said he should have recorded it. "I'd post it on youtube and call it 'Hot Girl quotes Spock in Yosemite.' It'd totally go viral." Next time, babe. Next time.

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Crys said...

Pictures really can't do it justice. I heart yosemite, it is definitly one of those places I have vowed to take Jones one day! Glad you guys are home safe. I have loved following the journey.

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