Treasures at the Antique Trove

Yesterday, J took two of the kids with him while he went off-roading and train-filming. Anytime I'm left with only half the kids, I feel liberated and take on things I wouldn't normally-- like antique shopping.

Usually, my method when shopping is to load things I like into the cart, then take a final assessment before checking out, weeding things out until I'm left with only one or two items that really speak to me. That's hard to do when antiquing, so I take pictures instead. I loved these black and white gloves for $16. And they actually fit! {Is it just me or did ladies in the past have freakishly small hands?}

These sets of children's books give me warm and fuzzy memories of reading similar volumes on the steps of my grandmother's house. Plus, the colors and illustrations are awesome. $10 each. Ack!

Don't they look like they would appeal to my boys? Stories of adventure! Brave deeds! Famous explorers!

What's this? A Herman Miller chair? $250 but surprisingly comfortable even without a pad.

And a hairpin leg coffee table! I've been eyeing hairpin legs on ebay because I'm dead set on making something similar for our house. Another high-ticket item. I believe it was $150.

Oooh-- here's a lovely typesetters tray. I can imaging using it as an advent calendar-- all those beautiful compartments would be perfect for tiny wrapped packages or simple little candies and ornaments. $25.00 isn't cheap, but it's better than paying the shipping on ebay or etsy....

A mid-century bullet light sconce! I die. Seriously.

Two pinecone shaped taper holders. I seem to remember them being $7 each, but that tag says $2. Too early to be thinking about Christmas?

I saw a bunch of vintage floral frogs, but this copper one was especially pretty. I like the bowl shape, and the patina on the copper is kind of intriguing.

Enamel pendant light for $25. I'm a total sucker for pendant lights and enamel, so this really caught my eye. Where would I put it?

A completely amazing Danish planter. Seriously so beautiful and would fit right in with the mid-century backyard I'm designing. Dang that $149 price tag! Dang my empty wallet!!

And can I get a collective gasp of nostalgia? My brothers and I were obsessed with He-Man and She-Ra and the Masters of the Universe. I think we even had one of these play castles. {Mom? Any idea where they went?} Look at the prices! $66.00! That's amazing to me.

Though I had vowed not to actually purchase anything, one of these items came home with me and tomorrow I'll show you what it was and what I did with it. Hint: it wasn't Scull Mountain. :)

Where do you find your treasures?


Jessica West Judkins said...

Oh wow you find allot of great treasures! I can't wait to see what you purchased.

I saw a fisher price airplane at a flea market the other day, and it was listed for $40!!! Crazy, I wish my mom kept all of mine

The Dragonfly said...

Those gloves are to die for, but mostly b/c they're on you with those turquose nails. Swoon. A typeset tray is also ideal for storing lego men. Just ask my Soren.

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