Merry, Merry

I'm exhausted.

I've been staying up every night making gifts, which I find simultaneously wonderful and unfortunately all-consuming. My fingers are cramped, my manicure is paint spattered, and my kitchen is a wreck as dishes go ignored. {and don't even ask when it was that I last showered!}

I was lamenting to J this week that I only seem to be able to do two things well per day and everything else falls by the wayside: If I'm creating and cooking, then you can bet I haven't cleaned the house or worked out. Alternately, if I go for a great run and my living room is spotless, I'm probably behind on gift-making and dinner time is sure to find me unprepared!

On Wednesday, I worked feverishly while the Little Miss and E were at school. I barely managed to brush on the finishing touches of paint to E's Angry Birds game before dashing out the door to get to their Christmas performance. I walked in just as the 6th grade was finishing their number-- somehow, I though the program started at 3:15 when it actually began an hour earlier!! I'd missed seeing Little Miss C on the hand chimes and E dancing around with a candy cane singing his Santa song. Both kids were crying when I found them, and I felt like the worst mother EVER.

I wish arriving on time had been one of the two things I did well that day. :(

This weekend, I'm dropping Little Miss C off at her Grandma's for a cousins' sleepover and real gingerbread house making. {she's thrilled!} J's hoping to finally get the Christmas lights up outside {we've been rained out for days!} while I'll be cutting out some teeny-tiny paper dolls, sewing a teepee, and {hopefully!} showering.

Happy weekend, all!



laura said...

i know how you feel about the whole "being able to only do two things well a day" stuff. although in my case i feel more like it's one thing :)

seriously though, i love your blog & think you're amazing! i'm really curious about the teepee your sewing. will you be posting a tutorial? (it's something i think my own kids would really love)

thanks for all the inspiration! feel free to pop by my blog sometime.



Crys said...

This is the story of my life right now! I take comfort in knowing I am not the only one and at the same time feel sorry for ya. Love you, a lot plus some.

Naomi said...

I was just saying the same thing to my husband the other day, but unfortunately I only seem to be able to do 1 thing really well at a time. Congratulations on being able to handle 2, that's pretty impressive. :)

Janae said...

Seriously, 2 things a day is quite the feat. I consider it an accomplishment if I get showered and dressed myself along with all 3 children--that's my 1 feat for most days! Can't wait to see all the homemade gifts you're making.

Apis Melliflora said...

Two things a day well is excellent.

I'm sorry the timing didn't work out on the concert, but given you were doing something absolutely amazing for those kiddos, you get to pass go and collect $200!

Don't run yourself ragged, super mom!

The San Diego Mills said...

I am a long time reader of your blog (ever since you put up the balloon releasing video for Stephanie, which I found so touching!) but I'm pretty sure I've never commented. I really enjoy reading and appreciate your honesty. I have talked to my husband about this very topic many times lately. If the kids get all my attention, the house goes to crap! Also, I've been very touched by the posts you've been doing about your difficult financial situation. I really hope that things get better soon for you and your family! Merry Christmas to you and your's!

Nicole said...

Showering is definitely on my list to do at some point this week:). Amazing how that and dishes seem to control my life, I too can only do one or two things well in a day, it must be that 3 and 4 kids thing! Great job hanging in there. I have not done nearly the things this year so you are pretty amazing! Happy holidays for sure!!!

LisAway said...

Two things a day sounds about right! Especially when you say "well". I usually do a ton of things every day but you can only see, or I only completed two of them. :) I'll bet all that work really paid off when I handed everyone their presents!

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