Midnight in Paris Oscar Party

There always seems to be good reason to celebrate. My latest fête obsession involves the forthcoming Academy Awards, for which I'd love to throw a roaring 1920's party in homage to the Oscar Nominated film Midnight in Paris.

Another nominated film, The Artist {which I adore!} is also set in the 20's, but there's something magical about Paris with all its writers and artists. I would love to transform our home into a moody, black and gold nightclub with just the right mix of glittering opulence and bohemian smokiness. We'd lounge about on velvet cushions, sipping drinks and acting bored with our fabulousness.

And how amazing would it be to construct a paper moon for the photo booth? I have a whole folder of inspirational paper moon images that I've been hoarding for over a year now. This would be the perfect opportunity to utilize it!

Of course, we'd debate the various merits of all the films whilst filling out our ballots and taking the entire evening as seriously as a philosophical discussion on the state of modern society. ;)

Do you watch the Academy Awards? Have you ever held/attended a viewing party? Do you have a pick for Best Picture? I'm hoping Hugo wins, but would be quite thrilled if The Artist pulled an upset.

Images: Quote / Paris Photo / Gold Cake / Flapper / Dress / Paper Bunting / Flapper Dress / Book / Bow Tie Place Setting / Paper Moon / 20's Wedding / Fitzgerald Fan / Oscar Invite & Ballots /


Singin' Heart said...

You swept me away into the 20's with your imagery...
We are both drawn to the same era's. I adore the 20's! I loved midnight in Paris and the artist (I thought about you with the artist and thought you would like it :)

Can't wait to live close enough that coming to one of your soiree's could be possible.

Miggy said...

Where do you find all your lovely images? I swear...you've got a gift finding and pulling these things together. I need to watch some of these movies! Shoot! Time's a wastin'.

The Queen Vee said...

Love the 20's, your party sounds like it would be divine.... unfortunately the Oscar's continue to be overly long, the award winners totally predictable and what people are wearing, the most interesting thing about the show.

The most overused line at the Oscars, "What/Whom are you wearing?" The best line of the night, said before I turned it off to go read a book, “Nothing can take the sting out of economic crisis like watching millionaires present each other with golden statues.”

I confess though, if you'd invited me to your party, I would have dressed to the nines and gladly attended. I know that you and J would have made watching this event fabulously fun.

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