In Mourning

I killed my sewing machine over Christmas.

It served me faithfully through curtains, pillows, Halloween costumes and taking in clothing, but the teepee was just too much. It sputtered its last breath as I put the finishing touches on the pennants and hasn't revived since.

I miss it more than I could have ever imagined.

I had come to rely on it for my creative/wardrobe outlet. I'd find something at a thrift store and re-fashion it into a completely new outfit with a little snipping and sewing, and took for granted that I could lengthen or shorten skirts on a whim, do quick repairs, or whip up a few throw pillows as the seasons changed. Several times now, I've reached for my stash of fabrics only to remember that the sewing machine lies dead in a heap, useless to me. I haven't the heart to bury it.

Eventually, I'll replace it. {after catching up on bills, paying off debt, and putting away a bit of savings...} Until then, I'll mooch off my mother-in-law and become completely spoiled by her state-of-the-art gazillion dollar sewing and quilting machine.

Any suggestions for a good entry-level model? You know, so I can dream. :)


1 comment:

Rae said...

I have the singer confidence and I love it. It's kind of idiot proof, which is needed in my case :)

You may consider looking at sewing machine repair shops. they often have models that are refurbished priced really well.

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