Modern Chicken Coops

There was a brief lull in the spring-storm deluge yesterday, and we took the chicks outside for a bit of sun. As they scratched around the yard, I daydreamed about chicken coops. Our current set-up works passably, but it isn't... pretty. Aesthetics really matter to me. I want my yard and garden to be beautiful, and that includes the chicken coop.

I'd love to have a modern coop like those above {which would even contain our slightly brainless Araucana, which likes to roost in the neighbors tree at night} and a smaller chicken ark {also called a chicken tractor} like those below, which we could move around the yard to allow scratching for bugs and grass without risking our garden and fruit trees.

The lazy part of me just wants to fly my dad out here to build them for me, but the grudgingly-adult part of me says I should download some plans, borrow a tablesaw and learn to do it myself. It'd be good for me. :)

PS Some of you expressed interest in the breeds of chickens we purchased last week. We actually bought five different kinds, since I like the look of a mixed flock. We have a Buff Orpington {named Goldie}, a Rhode Island Red {Red}, a Silver Wyandotte {Knight}, a Black Australorpe {Ash} and an Araucana {Wolf}. Our older flock consists of two New Hampshire Reds {Violet and Rosie}, a Rhode Island Red {Mary Poppins}, an Araucana {Snowflake} and a beautiful Dominique {Daisy}.

{images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 by me}


Aimee said...

That first chicken coop is my good friend Cher's! I think I mentioned her to you before. She also home schools. Anyway, I do think you guys would be fast friends. Perhaps when you are getting ready to build your dream coop you can ask for advice from her and Jon. Or better yet, next time you are in Washington we can all go out to lunch and become best friends. :)

JeanetteH said...

We have a table saw and all sorts of tools if you ever need to borrow anything! Let me know!

Miggy said...

Shoot, I'd live in that first coop.

We'd love to have chickens... how do they do in the Az. summer heat?

MelancholySmile said...

They do surprisingly well as long as they have shade & water. Your kids would love chickens!! (great for Easter!)

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