Pi Day

As I browsed my favorite Pi Day images, I stumbled across this recipe for mini key lime pies and now my mouth is watering. It sounds so perfectly tart and refreshing for a day like today. Also, mini pies are the best. Portion control plus crazy indulgence {because-- hello! You're eating a whole pie!} is the very definition of awesome sauce.

If you follow me on Instagram {@melancholysmile}, you know that mere hours before J's birthday, our tax return came in. We were able to quickly pay some past-due bills {thus avoiding having our power, water and phone switched off} and celebrate by taking him out to dinner. It was a birthday miracle. :)

{Here's a little tangent on miracles:

Though J and I have been praying about our future for months, always feeling comforted and at peace, we didn't know how to interpret that peace. Did it mean that J would get more freelance work? That he'd find a corporate job? That we'd lose the house but it would all be part of a bigger plan? It was confusing and difficult to explain to others how we could feel stressed and calm at the same time.

When I was younger, I used to say, "God's version of things working out and my version of things working out aren't necessarily the same thing." I'd say it with bitterness, bravado and more than a bit of fear. But over the last six years, I've been working on saying those same words with confidence and faith.

Up until the day J got this new job {which he started on Monday} I wasn't sure that God's plan and my plan were the same, but I wanted them to be, and I was willing to change my expectations to match His. I imagined all the worst-case scenarios, walked through them in my head, and tried to find the good that could potentially come of that particular situation. I told myself that no matter what, it would be okay. No matter what, I was going to be positive. No matter what, God knows my heart and will give me what I need in this life to be like him, which is more important that getting what I want in life.

I was so busy steeling myself, determined to be happy and align myself with His will that when His will turned out to be an amazing job offer and tax-return money to avoid financial catastrophe at the 11th hour, I could only grin and then laugh incredulously.

Sometimes God's version of things working out and my version of things working out are exactly the same, and when that happens, I feel like dancing. I feel like the whole world is sunshine, and I need to spend the rest of my life spreading joy. {"You get a car! and you get a car! and YOU get a car!"}

I want to think that I'd feel just as much love if things had turned out otherwise, but for now, I'm relishing the happiness. And imagining giving away cars.}

Anyway, back to J's birthday-- Little Miss C and I made ice cream pie instead of cake for him. It had a grasshopper cookie crust, a thin-mint ice cream layer, hot fudge, a layer of whipped cream and then Andes Mints on top.

I wish we still had some. I'd eat a slice for Pi Day. :)

{images 1, 23 & 4}


The Dragonfly said...

Reading happy you makes for a happy me. I forgot it was Pi Day. Might have to do something about that before dinner! :)

Creole Wisdom said...
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Creole Wisdom said...

Key lime pie is my favorite dessert of all time. I could eat a whole, regular sized one. Forget the minis :)

I love when you post about faith in action. I am so glad that things have worked out, and usually, they do- even if we have to walk in dark places. I listened to a speaker last night who mentioned that our dreams are also God's dreams for us, He is the one who planted those dreams in our mind. He wants to see our dreams come true. It just can't happen in an instant. So yes, while the versions might be different, God's version is always better (which to me used to be kind of scary, like, how can something be better than what I want?) But I realize it's God, not man. Anyway, sorry for the longest comment in history but I'm there with you and so glad things have turned north for your family!

The Queen Vee said...

I love my younger sister's Coconut Cream pi.

I really love this post but not because of the pi.

You're experiences and blessings have not only touched your life but also all those who follow your blog. God is mindful of each of us and that knowledge is better than any piece of pi even my sister's coconut Cream.

Apis Melliflora said...

Pi Day: something mathy I can sink my teeth into! We had pizza pie and apple pie.

So happy your cup overfloweth

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