Rendezvous at the Park

I've known the Y family since I was a teenager and they stayed with us for a short time while studying biology. With their lizard collections and photo albums full of bear-tagging adventures, I thought they were the coolest couple ever. Not much has changed in the decades since, except that now they're the coolest family ever. They moved from Utah to Arizona where they live, teach and study, and the shorter distance makes it a little easier to visit from time to time. We met up this weekend for a playdate at the park, braving 100 degree weather for a chance to catch up.

The kids didn't seem to notice the heat at all. They ran around laughing, playing and giggling for hours while A and I visited in the shade, drinking fresh squeezed lemonade and snapping photos.

The Y family home-school's as well, and observing their bright, curious, kind and happy children just confirmed to me that this type of lifestyle is awesome. {I especially got a kick out of seeing M sitting on the steps with a book constantly in hand. I was totally that kid growing up!}

It was such a joyful way to start the weekend, and I was so grateful that they let me take up so much of their limited time in the city. We'll have to do it again-- hopefully sooner than next year. :)


The Dragonfly said...

Swit Swoo! You look amazing! I am going to adore that necklace forever. Looks like a fun time, despite the heat.

Apis Melliflora said...

Playground play dates are one of our favorites too.

I echo Dragonfly...you are glowing in that picture and your ensemble is tres chic, as usual.

Amber - Binkertation said...

what a fun time! Love the photos and kudos to you for braving the heat. You look so chic for a mom at the playground, I mean, really!!

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