The Olive Mill

Over the weekend, I stopped by one of my all-time favorite local spots, the Queen Creek Olive Mill. I was hoping to stock up on vegetables at the Farmer's Market being held there, but discovered that they'd shut down last week for the summer. :(

Nevertheless, The Olive Mill didn't fail to enchant. With their cafe offerings, stuffed olive samplings, and endless array of delicious olive oils, I was soon spooning gelato and adding to my collection of infused cooking oils. I never thought I'd find so many uses for all these olive oils, but each has become a necessity in my kitchen!

I use the mayer lemon oil for crepes, the roasted garlic for pasta and savory dishes,  the blood orange for cupcakes and salad dressing, the key lime for mexican food, and the dipping oil is perfect over caprese salad.

I know I've written about The Olive Mill before, but I just never get tired of visiting. It's thrilling to me that such an upscale resource is available locally. It's like having a tiny piece of what I used to experience in Seattle come find me here in Arizona. :)

Furthermore, how can I not love a place that makes chocolate olive oil?! Heaven! I'll be using this over the weekend to make some special no-bake cookies. {recipe coming soon!}

Do you have any amazing resources nearby? I used to feel that ours were super-limited, but after doing some digging, I've really fallen in love with our area. :)


Amber - Binkertation said...

Wow, that place looks amazing and chocolate olive oil?! You're blowing my mind!

It's so funny that the farmer's market shut down for summer? That's when all of ours open, but the climate is much different here in Baltimore!

We have lots of great little spots around here - fantastic farmer's markets, etc., but no olive mill!

The Dragonfly said...

We absolutely LOVE our Queen Creek olive oil. So much so that we're down to the last drop but can't bear to throw the beautiful bottle away. YUM.

Singin' Heart said...

I miss that place (from the one time I've visited it with you) and think of it every time I need to buy new cooking oils. You are so lucky!
When we come and visit next I am stocking up!

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