D'lish & La Petite France

We lucked out last weekend and found some great places to eat during our staycation.

We tried D'lish purely because it shares a name with our go-to haven, Kathy Casey's Dish D'lish in Washington {She's a genius--  Kathy Casey's Alley used to be our favorite feature of the Bite of Seattle festival}. While the name similarity turned out to be simply coincidental, D'lish was well worth the gamble, rising above it's lackluster exterior to serve quick, healthy, local food.

I had the Low-Carb Breakfast & J had the California Club w/ an Orange Glorious {pretty much an Orange Julius}. Both were flavorful and satisfying, cementing my love of all things pesto. :) The prices were pretty reasonable as well.

For dinner, we stumbled on this little creperie called La Petite France. We entered with the idea that it was another one of those Americanized French bistros, but were pleasantly surprised to find the owners speaking heavily accented English and serving swoon-worthy three course meals!

That teeny-tiny portion of mushroom and some-kind-of-smokey-cheese-soup had us closing our eyes to savor every last spoonful. Divine!

My crepe was called the French Riviera and had smoked salmon, creme fresh, dill and capers, while J's featured cream cheese, ham and pineapple {the Hawaiian}. We were too full to even attempt a desert crepe, but you can bet it's on our list for next time!

Don't you love finding local treasures and wondering how they came to be? I couldn't help but speculate about what made the couple that ran La Petite France leave France to settle in Scottsdale-- especially since it was 106 degrees outside! But for the sake of my taste buds, I'm grateful they did. ;)

P.S. While we were eating {and moaning with pleasure over every bite} the table next to us started a lengthy conversation with the proprietor over the wine list. Maybe it was their earnestness or perhaps the lovely french accents, but I found myself wishing we drank wine... until they ordered a bottle, and it cost more than our entire meal! How does one afford that?!


The Dragonfly said...

Drooling over every picture and description. A staycation with culinary highpoints is definitely on my to do list now!

Apis Melliflora said...

J'adore les crepes! So this post tickles my taste buds.

I wish I were eating what you are eating.

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