Wardrobe Update: hAha

My gorgeous hAha just had a baby and is craving a wardrobe overhaul. She already has impeccable taste, but haven't we all had those moments where you step into a store and don't even know where to begin? She asked for some mood boards to help get her started, and I needed no further excuse to go virtual shopping. ;)

Her requests: single layer {it's hot and humid}, nursing friendly, bright, breezy and beachy. I started with the simplest {yet most impractical} of outfits: date night clothes!

Separates are not only cost effective {they mix and match so well!} they're also very nursing friendly. Besides, nothing makes you feel human again like putting on a skirt, painting your nails and going out on a date with your man. ;)

1. Lace Tee by Dorothy Perkins //  2. Carin Skirt by Monki // 3. Pastel Orange Belt by Asos // 4. No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Neon Pink by J Crew // 5. Checked Shirt in Navy from The Gap // 6. Chunky Heeled Peep Toes in Mustard //

But the reality is that we moms spend most of our time in casual wear, so that's where I went next: casual with {perhaps too much?} mint:

hAha, I seem to remember you having a nice pair of gladiator sandals, and I KNOW you have a rockin' fedora, so I went from there. There's a lot of DIY we could do here {Make the necklace! Dye your own pair of mint jeans!} but here are the links anyway:

7. Drapey Elbow Sleeve Tee by J Crew {color in stores} // 8. Fedora // 9. Clean Front Bermuda Shorts by The Gap // 10. Lucky Brand Gladiator Sandals // 11. Spearmint Skinny Jeans by J Crew // 12. Albion Necklace by Apres Ski // 13. Sailor Boatneck Tee by J Crew {I got mine at Forever 21}

Next, more easy and breezy outfits. I'm a firm believer that every woman needs one amazing sundress in the summer {just add a whisper-thin cardigan}. I don't know about you, but after I started having babies, the ones at Old Navy just didn't cut it. I had to find better fabric and fit. Maybe this one should join our Sisterhood of the Traveling Wardrobe, because the silk is sooo lovely and I'm kinda obsessed with it:

Plus, colorful shorts! I have these in mint, but I unroll them to make them bermudas. ;)

14. Blouson Dress by J Crew {also available in a nice red/orange color in stores} // 15. Unification Bracelet by Sabrina DeHoff // 16. DIY Paint Chip Necklace // 17. Tessa Top in Flax {made of linen!} // 18. Boyfriend Roll-Up Shorts in Heatwave Orange by The Gap //

So there's some inspiration! Next, we'll figure out how to do it all on a dime. ;)

Happy Weekend!


hAha said...

HOLY SMOKES!!! UH!! I want it all!!! thanks so much! I'ma call you lates. Yesterday's facetime was so much fun!
love you!

Miggy said...

You're so good at this...I'd love to have you come to my closet and help me put outfits together with what I already have. YOu could prolly charge money for that kind of stuff.

Love it all.

Nicole said...

Wow, after packing the suitcase in the POD I was in the exact same predicament, where to start, nursing and light weight:). Some are more nursing and kid friendly than others. How to deal with stains and bodily fluids and do it on a budget as well.

Nicole said...

Hmm, not sure what I meant in the last post:) but wondering if those gap shorts come in tall/long, always my issue! Thanks again for the inspiration to update!

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