Sneak Peek and Gingerbread Feeling

This year I get to host some of my family for Thanksgiving, which is only the second time I've done so in the last 13 years. I feel super lucky, and can't wait to have my kitchen full of women cooking together! (Let alone all the pie!) I just wish it was everyone. :(

Housing all those (eagerly anticipated) people means that we'll be shooting our annual Christmas Video this weekend instead of over Black Friday. I've been staying up late constructing sets, and am starting to really feel eager for Christmas. Funny how that often happens!

I used to hate it when society seemed to skip over Thanksgiving in favor of the bright, shiny and more glamorous holiday, but since becoming an adult and having my own children, I've really warmed towards Christmas. I'm able to more fully embrace 'that gingerbread feeling' and ignore the commercial aspects that tend to spoil the miracle of the Savior's birth for me.

Plus, making our video always makes me feel like an artist again. :)

PS- I'm sorta obsessed with all the beautiful options out there for setting a Thanksgiving table, especially since I rarely get this opportunity. Is it silly that I actually feel productive after spending a few hours 'researching' tablescapes on Pinterest?


Apis Melliflora said...

Pinterest either lifts my spirits and fires up my creativity or does just the opposite. Funny how that is.

Excitement for your Christmas video is bubbling over here. We watch new & old ones all season long...kind of like watching the claymation Christmas movies, just part of the tradition!

Charlotte said...

Your Christmas Videos are one of the highlights of my season. Thanks for sharing them with us strangers in the interwebs.

Miggy said...

If the pic above is a little sneak peak at your Christmas video... I'm loving the direction it's going. However, if it's not a sneak peak and that just some cool decorations...well I'm loving it too.

I'm sure your table will be amazing.

Meredith Wanner said...

So excited for your Christmas video! Gathering my kids around the monitor to watch it has become a tradition. No pressure!

The Queen Vee said...

Wow, loving what you've done so far. Can't wait for your Christmas Vid, they are the best and now a part of my Christmas season.

Pinterest is a healthy way to waste time if you're my age, for you...with all your energy I think it just adds fuel to your fire.

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