It's easy for me to look back at the mutant-monster B-movies of the 1950's and see how they reflected society's anxiousness over the advent of the Atom Bomb; so what does our current obsession with the Zombie Apocalypse say about us? Or, more specifically, me? Because I really, really love how zombies inject all kinds of fun into otherwise mundane aspects of life. For example:

I've mentioned the Run for Your Lives race before-- which is a 5k obstacle course crawling with the walking dead-- but recently, I discovered the perfect way to train for it! It's an app called Zombies, Run! and it turns my dreaded sprint intervals into a life-or-death escape from the zombie hoards. The fitness app is cleverly disguised as an interactive game; I'm cast as Runner 5, and am sent to collect supplies for Abel Township, a survivor camp. The story is interspersed between music {I've assembled my own end-of-the-world playlist} and when zombies attack, I have to put on the speed {hello GPS} to outrun them. It's surprisingly thrilling. I've found myself looking forward to the next mission with an eagerness I don't normally associate with exercise.

72 Hour Kits are just so much more appealing when they're marketed 'for use in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse'. :) And so is food storage:

And, of course, it's fun to escape reality with a good book or movie:

This facination must mean something, but I just can't help myself. :) Am I the only one?


McBooter said...

No, you are not. But, you are really funny when you want to be. Thanks for the laugh!

Anna said...

My husband runs with this app. The only problem is that he likes to trail run and the zombies seem to find him on an uphill.

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