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My posts this month are all rather single-minded-- quite a reflection on how I tend to get. :) But changing my self-perception is no small feat! As I've pursued it with increasing vigor, I've become convinced that body shame and self-objectification is a pervasive, deeply entrenched ailment among women. The more I learn about it, the more I long for all of us to shake off the shackles and own our true potential.

Don't know where to start? Here are some of the resources I've found that have helped me recently:

Beauty Redefined couples telling-it-like-it-is {on everything from photoshopping to ageism} with empowering step-by-step guides to developing media literacy and dealing with our own negative thoughts. I've found it so enlightening, I've started re-reading a few posts every morning just to ensure that they stay on the forefront of my mind.

I love the way Weightless encourages me to be gentle.

Cultivating self-love through self-portraiture.

Turn off the television, put down the magazine and start enjoying real women, face to face.

I love that Mara doesn't shy away from talking about the deep stuff.

The truth behind before and after photos.

Feed your soul. I took my cue from Nicole and have started painting again.

Have a great MLK Day everyone!

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Lindsay and Lexie said...

I saw some hits on our site from your blog and just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful shout out to Beauty Redefined! In just a few concise words, you made my night. Thank you for your support! Lindsay and I both really appreciate it. More than you know.

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