Alaska Cruise: Part 6

The way J's eyes lit up when he saw our train was exactly the way I felt in Juneau. Trains are J's Kayaks. :)

Originally, the whole family had talked about renting a few cars to drive to Anchorage. J heard that plan and countered it with a scenic, glass topped train ride.

Good call.

Even if nature's majesty was wasted on some:

I know it's redundant to keep talking about how beautiful Alaska is, but really! It was SO beautiful. Like, fill up your soul beautiful. Like, breathe it all in beautiful. Like, spend every minute outside so you can bask in it beautiful. 

I'm sure that like Washington, it's an entirely different story in the winter, {Constant cloud cover + impassable snow + deep, dark days = sadness for this girl} which is why my new motto is-- this is why God invented snowbirds. 

So green! So rugged! Only our Seattle resident looks nonplussed.

And, of course, we have a GoPro time laps taken from this angle:

Thanks to the quickly approaching Summer Solstice, we had super-slow sunsets.

I had to look up the phenomenon when we got home.

It felt like the sun was suspended near the horizon endlessly, making for some truly compulsive photo taking. :)

Of course, J saved his biggest reactions for the train whistle. His brother caught this spontaneous show of excitement:

That's my guy. :) He didn't sit down the entire 3 hour train ride, even though he was tired and sore from our hike. It was a great way to say goodbye to Alaska!

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HLC said...

This is a beautiful series! I love all the pics and hearing your take on Alaska. Thanks for sharing! AND, it's great to have 'you' back.

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