My Favorite Space

Our bedroom was one of the last spaces to be given any decorating attention, but I think it was worth the wait. After three years of it being a blank canvas, I finally got around to it last winter. It's now my favorite space.

Th colors are exactly what I like- black and white, with lots of calming steel blue and hints of red. 
These are drawings I made based off of the caricatures by Auerbacher-Levy. Even in cheap poster frames, they look pretty good.
I hung some of my amateur photography from a curtain wire I purchased at Ikea. It makes a great rotating display. I also really like the magazine butlers I made by covering some cardboard ones with black and white Christmas wrap from Target. 
One should always know what time it is in Paris, don't you agree? It took me a few months to get used to falling asleep to the sound of three different clocks ticking away-- it was impossible to get them perfectly synchronized. 

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