Adventures in Voting

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Yesterday was Super Tuesday, so as soon as my son woke up from his nap, I announced, "We're going to go vote!" The enthusiasm in my voice was contagious, and both children began chanting, "Yeah, vote! Vote!" while I packed them into the car. I explained the process in simple terms to my 6 year old daughter as we drove to the precinct, all the while patting myself on the back for providing such a great example of civic mindedness to my kids. We got there, and miraculously both were patient as we waited in a long line. I had to carry my son (no easy feat when I'm this close to having the next baby) but he was happy and kept chanting, "Gotta wait our turn to vote!" Once inside, the process went quickly and smoothly. I took my ballot, filled in the little circle (ignoring my daughter's loud demands to know "WHO ARE YOU VOTING FOR, MOMMY?!") and then inserted it into the nifty ballot-eating machine. We took our stickers and trooped out to the car. This is when my son began to cry. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I WANT VOTE!" He wailed. "But we just did!" I replied, confused. I looked down at my daughter as he continued to wail, and we both came to the same conclusion at the same time. "BOAT!" I groaned. "Oh, sweetie, did you want to go on a boat?" "YES!!!" he wailed. Great. That's why he had been so patient. Poor kid! I searched my mind frantically for some quick solution. Do I have friends with a boat? Yes. But not close. And I don't think he'd be satisfied with sitting in a boat while it was parked in some garage. He'd want it to be on water. Good grief, I live in a desert, there aren't any boats around! "We'll go home and play with your toy boats, okay?" I offered, but to no avail. He was miserable for the next hour and a half, cuddling in my lap and sniffing loudly while I tried to distract him with a Thomas the Train video at home. Some example that turned out to be! I guess it just goes to show, voting doesn't hold a candle to boating when a three year old is involved. 

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