A Good Soak

One of life's supreme pleasures is to soak in a hot bath while reading a good book. Since I am about to have my third child, I have been unabashedly pampering myself by soaking almost every night, usually while my dear husband wrestles the kids into bed. Unfortunately, my tub does not look like this one from Restoration Hardware. My tub is short, shallow, and made of *wince* fiberglass. When I look at this picture, I can just imagine the steaming water up to my chin and the smooth curve of porcelain against my back. Oh, bliss! Sadly, while I lust after the above clawfoot, my husband dreams of one of those tacky looking jet tubs. Yes, I understand the appeal of high powered water jets, but I can't help it. Aesthetics will always be a deciding factor for me. I guess it's a good thing that we don't have $4000 to plunk down on a new tub, or this is one argument that could get seriously heated. :)

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