Library Finds

I've been trying to get out of the house for at least an hour a day, so yesterday I took the kids to the library. Here are some of the good things we came home with. "The Name of This Book is a Secret" is one of those that I grabbed off the shelf because I liked the title. It'll be worth it even if I never get past the first chapter because it made me smile. 

I used to read Catherine Newman's weekly journal when I was pregnant with my daughter. This is basically a compilation of that, and I can't wait to revisit her neurotic view of life with kids. 

"Actual Size" is for my son, but I can't help flipping thru it with interest. The paper art is so pretty, and it's surprising to me to have the real size of so many animals spelled out in front of me. Pretty cool. 

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S p y G l a s S said...

Tosh I love your site! You have such sheik taste! Some people try to be sheik and just end up being tacky(me) but you just are...Sheik! I hope you're doing well. I love going to the library. It's definitely one of my favorite pastimes with Shane now.

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