Long Day's Night

image: David Heatley, New York Times
As it turns out, baby L. has reflux. My oldest son had sever reflux, and it was a year-long trial. He was constantly in pain, crying inconsolably, and I was severely sleep deprived. Just the thought of going through that again is enough to reduce me to a quaking figure in the corner. However, L. shows signs of having a less severe form. He has happy days- that never happened with my older son. I'm also hoping that he responds well to Zantac, a prescription medication that reduces the acid in his stomach. This is his third day on it, so for now we are all crossing our fingers and praying. I keep telling myself that Heavenly Father knew my husband could only have a week off of work. He knew my parents would only be here for a week to help, and he must know that I don't have the stamina to go a year without sleep again, so things will work out. Positive thinking, people. :)

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Janae said...

I am so sorry. Zach would spit up a LOT, sometimes projectile vomit almost, but he never had reflux I guess. He was fussy a lot though, so maybe he did have a mild case. How do you know for sure it's reflux? I'll sure pray for you. Babies are hard--especially the lack of sleep involved in raising them.

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