The colors of my kitchen/dining/living room are espresso brown, white and steel blue. I've always thought that I need punches of some accent color, but red is too much (and I already used it in my bedroom- been there, done that) and yellow always looks too acidic. So, I was pretty happy when this week, I put out a batch of pears to ripen in my new pedestal bowl and discovered that they are the perfect color! I can't wait to go to the fabric store and make a bunch of pillows for the couch. I'll alternate steel blue with the pear green, and get some kind of pear green flowers or foliage for the entryway. It's nice when small things make me happy. 

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Janae said...

That is a gorgeous bowl. The pears are perfect against the colors. I used to sew, but have forgotten it all now. Do you use a pattern to make the pillows or are you a pro and don't even need one?

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