Oscar Night

My parents spent a week here helping me with the new baby, but their trip also happened to fall on Oscar Night. We were able to celebrate and watch the Academy Awards together for the first time since I got married. As you can see from the photo, my mom went all out. :) Ribs, mashed potatoes, salad, fruit and cheesecake. It was wonderful. 

I know it sounds cliche, but there's nothing like mom's home cookin'. This is a lemon curd cheesecake with raspberries (not shown). I just finished the leftover slices today, and it was divine. As for the Oscars, my husband correctly guessed the most winners for the millionth time. It's frustrating for me because I'm so competitive, but at the same time, I find it strangely attractive. I guess that's one of the reasons I married him. 

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