Valentine's Day Cupcakes

I'm hoping that I'll be out of commission by the time Valentine's Day rolls around, so the kids and I got an early start on some of the crafts and treats for the holiday. This weekend we made cupcakes. We used food coloring gel to dye the frosting pink and red, and left some of it white so the sprinkles and M&M's would stand out more. They were both eager to decorate, and could hardly stand waiting for the cupcakes to cook and cool. I divided the cupcakes, sprinkles, M&M's and Conversation Hearts evenly, then placed everything on two separate cooking sheets to try and contain the inevitable mess. They had free reign, and watching them decorate while licking their fingers turned out to be a great way for me to avoid the temptation of actually eating the cupcakes later. It was a pleasant way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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