Happy Birthday, Jared!

Little things I love about you:
  • You come kiss me after you've shaved, so I can feel your smooth skin.
  • When you read to the kids at night, you use that really terrible English/Irish/Scottish accent.
  • You believe $30 is too much to spend on a pair of jeans. You would rather wear the old ones and spend the money on a Vespa part.
  • You are wonderfully social, but will still be content to stay at home and watch old movies every night.
  • You can identify a song within the first 3 notes. You act surprised that I can't.
  • You are artistic, independent, and sweetly unaware of how talented you are.
  • You like to get stopped at railroad crossings. That way you have an excuse to watch the train go by.
  • You look sexy in hats. 
  • You get hungry when you hear Mexican music.
  • You like to road trip. You enjoy abandoned mining towns, Rout 66, and taking the Mini on winding roads.
  • You have great taste in art.
  • You're 6 years older than I am, so no matter how old we get, I'll always feel like your young trophy wife. :)

1 comment:

Jared said...

WOW! That was the best Birthday present. Thank You! Everything you said is so true except that when I read to the kids you said my accent was "terrible?" Tis not true me Lass!



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