Garden Party

This weekend we held a little luncheon before going to church for Liam's baby blessing. It was outdoors and a little breezy, so the magnetic tablecloth weights came in handy.
We extended the shade using a white canopy purchased at IKEA. It felt very tent-like. 
The need for a centerpiece provided a great excuse to buy some of those lovely white patio pots I've been craving. I bought three of these small ones and one large one for the Satsuma tree.
The menu (as mentioned previously) was based solely on what would look good on my favorite serveware. I went with bite-sized things like deviled eggs, cucumber bites, fresh fruit, and mini cupcakes in lemon and coconut.
I was also quite fond of the sun-dried tomato turkey sandwiches.

My little girl got to help make the peppermint ice cubes for the water. She got a kick out of that, and I loved the vibrant green color. Thanks to Jared for all the beautiful photos.

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