Hitchcock Style

Talking about Grace Kelly yesterday reminded me of an article I clipped out of O Magazine back in August of 2005. The photo shoot was based around Hitchock-esque clothing. I still love the styling. 
Sometimes I wish women still wore hats and gloves. At least I can get away with this, this and this. Love the red heels on those black stilettos. 
Plaids and tweeds are hopelessly appealing to me come autumn. 
One of my all-time favorite stand-bys is the pencil skirt. I'm not quite ready to wear one yet, but when I am, I hope to find a lovely silk top like this one to go with it.
Please excuse the poor quality of these photographs. The original Todd Marshard's are beautiful.

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hukolb said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with vintage taste, even if I don't dress it:) I need to come to your blog more often for fresh ideas, well dreams more like it:)

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