Not Fat

This morning while running, I decided that I'm not fat. I'm just not Audrey Hepburn. I, like so many, adore Audrey and aspire to be as stylish as she. But dangit people, she was very thin. 
I think I'm more of a Grace Kelly type. Softer. Feminine. She had some curves on her, but she played them up and was also impeccably stylish and ladylike.
I would hope that when Audrey and Grace were in the same room, they weren't comparing themselves to each other. Wouldn't that seem ridiculous? I try to hold that image in my mind when I'm in a room with other women. We are all beautiful. We aren't meant to be the same. To compare would be ridiculous.
Another thing I like about Grace: she quit acting to be a wife and mother. {Oh, and a princess.} Now that's stylish.


Kristina said...

I love Grace Kelly. She is the quintessential woman.
I believe there are two kinds of women in this world:
Those who love Audrey more.
Those who love Grace more.
(And I guess a third... those who don't care. But they don't count in this exercise.)
Neither group is better, just different. I'm definitely in the second group.

S p y G l a s S said...

I resent this post ;) You're so lucky you can say you have a Grace Kelly-esque body. Not fair, Tosh, not fair.

S p y G l a s S said...

oh, ps, i love your blog, and my friends do too! I'm sure more than just that love it. you are so creative and beautiful!

hukolb said...

I don't think she ever had children either:)...

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