Oh, that bed. Those white, clean sheets. How I wish I was sleeping like that! The baby has been refluxing badly again, which means he's in a lot of pain, won't sleep, won't stop crying. We increased his dose of Prevacid, but to no avail. It is very hard and I. AM. TIRED. Two things that are helping right now:

1) Watching Kate deal with so many more children. She does an amazing job, but just watching how stressful it would be to raise two sets of multiples makes me grateful that my biggest challenge is holding a screaming baby for hours and hours.

2) Reading about this woman's pregnancy. I'm already of the opinion that pregnancy is a horrible, cruel and torturous thing, but this woman really goes above and beyond what any woman should be called to do in order to bring life into this world. I ache for her. I pray for her. 

Something about these two women help me to put life into perspective. They are not glamourous, they don't live 'fashionable' lives, but I admire them greatly. They are doing the fundamentally important things, which is going through great hardship in order to raise healthy and happy families. It's easier for me to be patient when I can see the larger good in what I am enduring. And it helps to know that I have company.
{image via Toast}

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