Two by Two

I hate being tagged, but I love Janae, so instead of ignoring it, I'll fill it out. Enjoy- it's probably the last one I'll ever do!

Two names you go by:
*Mommy (by the kids)
*Babe (by Jared)
I will also answer to Darling, Lovely, and Hey There, Beautiful. 

Two things you are wearing right now:
*Tank top
*Smudged mascara from the night before

Two favorite things to do:
*Try new food. Especially tasting menus. I love when I don't have to decide what to eat, but can leave it up to the chef.
*Sleep through the night (a rarity these days).

Two things you want to do very badly at this moment:
*Go for a long run. My foot is still injured, and I desperately miss running.
*Wear my size 2 clothing.

Two favorite pets:
*I only have one. My cat Shady, and only because she hated everyone except for me. What a wonderful grouch. :)

Two things you did last night:
*Made dinner while wearing this apron over my dress and 3 inch heels.
*Rocked the baby back to sleep. Five times.

Two things you ate today:
*3 squares of chocolate out of the freezer
*Ice water

Two people you talked to last:
*My 2 children (the baby doesn't count).

Two longest car rides:
*Any drive with a crying baby or fighting children in the backseat.
*Washington to Yellowstone to Minnesota to Arkansas to Washington.

Two favorite holidays:
*Thanksgiving (All the food and family, none of the Christmas stress!)
*Halloween (Dressing up! Candy! What's not to love?)

Two favorite vacations:
*Our recent trip to Mexico

Two favorite drinks:
*Pellegrino with a wedge of Lime
*Virgin Pina Coladas

This is where I'm supposed to tag two more people, but mercifully, I'm letting the tag die here. Rest in Peace. {image via}


Janae said...

You must love me to fill it out against your will. :) Thanks--I only tagged you cuz I really feel like I don't know you well, and it's the only way I could get a little peek into your life. :)

I have to say that if you've ever fit in a size 2, that's just not fair! Also, I love your sense of humor. And I wish you luck with sleeping through the night. I'm finally there thanks to Zach eating/nursing more in the day. I'm going to switch to formula now--he's just ready for it. Are you breastfeeding? Or does that make the colic worse? I don't know much about it.
(See--we really should call each other sometime so we can catch up.)

hukolb said...

I feel as if we've caught up a little...now Joseph has to take me to Europe and the Mexico beach:)

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