Black, White & Green

Just as I prefer fall and winter clothing, I also lean more towards the fall and winter furniture catalogues. I just received my Fall Pottery Barn Catalogue, and thought I'd share my favorites. Obviously, I love all the black and white. I'd prefer more contemporary lines {and that mirror is hideous! It reminds me of Heidi Klum's jewelry collection.} but I love the exposed beams, the lamp, and the mixed pillows on a white sofa. 

I really love the wall in this photo, and have been trying to figure out how they made it look like that. I want a typeface wall!

I like the colors of this office. The patterned magazine butlers are nice, and I love the dark floor with white cabinets. The paint chips remind me of color wheels pinned up in art studios, but when I showed my husband he made a face and said it makes him think of Home Depot, and that can't be cool. :)

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S p y G l a s S said...

i love all these rooms especially because they are all my favorite colors!!! i wish i knew how to make twigs in a vase look good.

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