Don't I Feel Ancient

{Whilst discussing which of Little Miss C's toys were also around during my childhood.}

Little Miss C: "Wow. Some of my toys are really old. You know how I know why?"

Me: "How?"

Little Miss C: "Because they were invented in the nineteens!"

Me: "The nineteens?"

Little Miss C: "Yup. Like, 1998. Not the two thousands, the nineteens!"

Me: "You certainly make that sound old."

Little Miss C: "That's 'cause it IS old."


Em said...

This is hilarious!

LisAway said...

Oh sheesh. I thought she meant the nineties. No, it was not a decade, but a CENTURY ago. You (we) really are ancient. *sigh*

And I am astonished at the awesomeness of all your Halloween costume ensembles. SO great.

Gina Lee said...

You think that sounds bad now... Wait til our grandkids say "You were born in 1980? YOU ARE OLD!" Luckily, My oldest is only four so I have a long time before that happens. ;)

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