A Fine Romance

When we met, I couldn't find a pencil to give him my phone number. I tore off a corner of paper from an ad on the bulletin board and used a thumbtack to stipple the crucial digits into the surface. Six months later, we were married.

In the 10 years since that moment, we've traveled through Europe, navigated family holidays, refinished furniture, purchased a home, started a business, and started a family. We've been through marriage classes, birthing classes, parenting classes, and communication classes. He's taught me to drive and to snowboard. I've taught him to use "recumbent" in a sentence. We've each had moments when one has been weak and needed to be carried, were wrong and needed forgiveness, or were discouraged and needed a loving friend. 

And yet, with a few mischievously whispered words, he can still make me blush. I am so thankful that I found that thumbtack. 

{photo via Cup of Jo}


Gina Lee said...

Maybe the sweetest thing I've heard all year!

super tweaky mel said...

I loved learning that about you two. I think that my husband and I only spent about 6 months on the same continent the whole time we were dating - although we dated about 2 years before we married. I think ya just know. Even when its not perfect, its right.

You used a tac! I can never find tacs! You are a smart and craft gal! I'm so glad you found one that day though because your life seems exactly as it should be :)

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