Let It Rain

According to the weather man, it's been 84 days since we've seen any measurable precipitation. {Apparently the freak hail that crushed my garden peas a few weeks ago doesn't count.} So waking up this morning to a sky filled with threatening clouds has garnered understandable excitement in our household. 

Little Miss C pointed to the horizon where the rising sun lit the clouds with an inner fire. "Look!" she exclaimed. "Those are the day clouds!" she swung her pointed finger to the opposite end of the sky, where the clouds lay dark and sullen. "And look!" she said, "Those are the night-storm clouds! They're fighting!" 

I smiled and asked her which clouds she predicted would emerge the winner. 

"That's easy," she replied with an effort at patience for my obvious lesser intelligence. "The news said it would rain on Wednesday, and today is Wednesday, so the storm clouds are going to win. They're big and heavy. The day clouds will grow for a little while, but then the storm clouds are going to swallow them up." Then she dashed outside, barefoot and in her pajamas, waiting for the rain so she could dance in it. 

Because around here, rain is something we're very thankful for.

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