Race for Fun

Today, I'm running a 5k. It's the exact same 5k event that I ran ages ago, right before I became pregnant with Little Miss C. Every year since then, I've berated myself for not running it again. Not this time! Granted, I have no grand illusions about the race. I've been training for distance, not speed, and I've never been a fast runner anyway. But I'm excited to get out and run with a crowd. After months of training on my own, the marathon still seems too far away, so I'm eager to get out there and feel like a competitor and athlete. Wish me luck!

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Roderick Hansen said...

So Awesome! Luck! :)

Gina Lee said...

Good Luck! I envy you. I can't run for more than two minutes before I taste my lungs and have to stop. Yep, I'm that out of shape. Maybe if I got off the computer and started running I may change that. Thanks. You inspire me. G

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