Christmas Wrap-Up

This Christmas season was a cozy one. We spent every weekend looking at lights, watching Christmas movies, making treats, and decorating. The children were old enough to participate, to save money to buy gifts for each other, and to understand when we taught about the birth of Christ. They were also young enough to still believe in magic, to be giddy with anticipation, and to wake us early Christmas morn' with carols.

Baby L received a retro rocket and his first tooth!

Little Miss C rocked out with her pink electric guitar.

And E was content to race his cars for hours.

After a hearty breakfast of eggs, hash browns, orange juice and {local!} sausage and bacon, we dressed and braved the rain storm to go to Grandma's. E could hardly contain his excitement to give his gift to his cousin L for the gift exchange. He absolutely LOVES her, and saved his allowance for three weeks before going shopping. 

Once at the store, he found a remote-control Speed Racer car, which he instantly became enamored with. He couldn't be convinced to buy something more 'girly', nor was he swayed when I informed him that he would be giving it away, not keeping it for himself. "She will share with me!" he proclaimed confidently. 

He carried it around with him everywhere. He kissed the box. He was dying to open it, but repeated our caution over and over, "It's L's present. I can't open it, 'cause then she will be sad". When she finally arrived at Grandma's on Christmas, this was the exchange:

That's E pointing to himself and announcing, "I picked it out!" as if we couldn't tell. It was very sweet. 

I can hardly wait for next year.

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LisAway said...

I love this peek into your Christmas. I love the retro rocket and I LOVE E's generosity.

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