It's a Major Award!

While displaying it in a prominent window has proven to be impossible, I am nevertheless hopelessly flattered to have received an award from Lisa of Away From It All. The fact that someone as far away as Poland knows that I exist {let alone takes the time to follow my little posts} is something that I continue to find mind boggling. 

I'd like to pass this {major} award on to Spyglass. Not only is she beautiful, talented, and {intimidatingly} intelligent, her posts never fail to surprise me with their variety, restraint and humor. Knowing her in person is an honor, but reading her blog is like being handed a secret decoder ring that periodically reveals snippets of her life, interests and thoughts. 

Plus, her husband is hot. :)

Give her a visit, and make sure to scroll down to some of her posts on photography and music. Love those.


Becky said...

Congrats! You deserve it--it looks chic like you even.

LisAway said...

I love that Becky recognized that the lady "looks chic like you." :) I'm off to check out Spyglass!

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