Eye Candy

I am not typically a pink kinda girl, but these images by stylist Selina Lake are exquisite. I find myself longing for spring, ready to fill my house with growing things, antique finds, and splashes of feminine color. Found via Desire to Inspire.

I love all the combined textures: white tile, enamel, mercury glass and silver all softened with pink flowers. Lovely.

And honestly, add a good book, chocolate and a lover and this would be heaven.

I'd like to visit a room like that. The dessert looks wonderful, too.


Em said...

I'm lovin' your couch idea!

I love the look of pink, but have yet to do much with it. Thanks for posting these images.

LisAway said...

These are lovely. I especially love the counter top shot. Pink is definitely best in small doses when it can go from tacky to classy (and I agree with your word "exquisite".

Jenn said...

Love the banners in the first picture.

Those Crazy Clarks!!! said...

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Shawn said...

Gotta love flowers!

Gotta love pink!

Gotta love spring!

Gotta love those pics!

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