Corn Is Everywhere

Yesterday, I listened to an interview with Michael Pollan about his letter to the President, Farmer In Chief, which appeared in the New York Times. I heartily agree with much of what he said-- in fact, many of his ideas are similar to things my dad has been saying for years. {Listen to the interview here.} 

I then spent the evening watching King Corn, a documentary following two college grads who decided to plant an acre of corn and trace it from seed to dinner plate. The results were a little sickening, and have left me eyeing the contents of my pantry suspiciously. {Watch a preview here.}  

Conclusion: I've got to overhaul my eating habits. The whole foods movement is sounding very appealing right about now.

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hukolb said...

Very interesting indeed. We just started a garden, we'll see how that goes:). I do like the idea of more whole food and locally grown. There was a good comment from a real farmer on the interview page that put things into perspective a bit, I guess there are two sides to every issue but I think we as Americans can be a lot more conscientious about our food and health choices! And it can start at the White house!

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