Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co

There is something inherently appealing about a tiny little store packed full of mysterious items. {Who hasn't wished they could explore Diagon Alley for just such a reason?} So when I saw this Superhero Supply storefront {designed by the talented Sam Potts, whom I know from this}, I couldn't help but think GENIUS. 

I want to go to there. I also want that can of x-ray vision.

Don't your fingers just itch to rummage around and find your own little treasures? It looks like I have yet another reason to visit New York. For now, I'll have to be content to visit them online

{edit: apparently, the store has a Secret Identity! Find out more here.}


Roderick Hansen said...

I so want one of those signs ... like maybe the robot one. How did you ever find this place/! Awesome!!

Miggy said...

Well shoot, I live in NYC....maybe I should go check it out.

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