Calling all New Yorkers

As we toasted to 10 years of marriage, J requested an additional toast. "To New York!" he exclaimed. That's right! Apparently planned and paid for before the lay off, we have a trip to NYC in a few weeks. {I am SO excited!} If you live in, or have been to NYC, what are your favorite little shops? Cheap but delicious places to eat? Best bargain fashion spots? Please share!


Rachael said...

Do you read design*sponge? I love their city guides--I live near Chicago, and I always visit places recommended on ds.

Kristina said...

Zara is the coolest shop located in Soho. It's not exactly cheap, but they have great sales. Also, Century 21 is always fun down across from ground zero. I really didn't do much shopping while there because I was a bit on the poor side of things. Canal Street is fun for knock off purses and sunglasses.
If you want restaurant recommendations, I can supply!
Dinosaur BBQ up off Broadway and 25th has the best barbecue, cornbread, and macaroni cheese north of the mason dixie line.
Saigon Grill in the upper west side has the best cheap Vietnamese food probably ever.
You'll find the best pizza just across the Brooklyn Bridge at Grimaldi's pizza. Kurt and I would split a margherita pizza, walk over to the pier for some ice cream, then walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. One of our favorite date nights.
There's an Italian place in Little Italy we found that was phenomonal. I'll have to dig out our Zagat to find out the name.
Pisticci just off Broadway up in Morningside Heights is another great little Italian dive. And Kitchenette, a few blocks east of that, is good homey type food.
We found a fun sushi place called Tomo at the edge of Morningside Heights and Upper West Side. Pretty good eats for cheap.
There's definitely more... I'll need to dig out my Zagat to remember all of the places we ate. Oh, and across from Dinosaur BBQ towards the river is Fairway, the coolest supermarket ever. Seriously.
You have to stop by the Met museum. It is the coolest. And on all of the museums, the entrance fee they quote you (gen. about $20) is only a suggestion. You can pay as little (down to a cent) as you like!

The Gardner Gang said...

My cousin, who is very chic, lives close to NY and has been there quite a few times. She would be able to tell you some great places. Her blog is: http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com

Kristina said...

Sorry, Dino BBQ is off Broadway and 125th.

janae said...

My aunt that has lived in NYC for 30 years always recommends eating at Rue 57 on the corner of 6th Avenue and 57th Street. Her favorite tourist spot is the Cloisters. It's part of the Met, so a suggested fee (she says she only pays $5 each time she goes), and if you go to the Met the same day, you only pay once. I love Zara too, although I've never been to the one in NY. Just the ones in Europe.

MegRuth said...

I would say you have to visit China town, great little trinkets and good food. Boba at the Bakery on Canal and Prince. Then the New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe and the Chinatown Ice cream factory on Canal and Bayard (you must order the juicy pork buns, must!)

Central park bike rides are fantastic. They give you a tour of the entire park and a fabulous history and help you explore more later.

I love Fort Tryon Park at the very tippy top of Manhattan of the 190th stop on the A train. It gorgeous with views of New Jersey and the fabulous New Leaf Cafe. This is my favorite place in Manhattan, my husband proposed to me there.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is amazing at sunset and then walking down to Grimaldi's for Pizza and then out to the pier for hand made ice cream. Peaches and cream is the best.

Soho is great for shopping and exploring and home to one of my favorite resaurants, Habana Cafe on Prince and Elizabeth.

Can you tell I like food? I hope you have a fantastic time!

Shawn said...

Just make sure that you hit H&M---my favorite clothes store!!

Have fun!

liz stanley said...

oh my goodness. home sweet home. i have lots of shopping ideas for you. but it's too late for me to think now. i'll try to post tomorrow but forget email me at lizstan@gmail.com. sounds fun!!

Travelin'Oma said...

Go to Max Brenners Chocolate by the Bald Man. It's at 841 Broadway, and it's a restaurant and chocolate bar. I posted about it:


Right in the neighborhood is Fishs Eddy, an awesome little store with cheap (and expensive) treasures. Plus Books of Wonder is a great kids bookstore in the same area. The Chocolate store is across the street from The Strand, a famous old bookstore that boasts 17 miles of bookshelves (used and new.)

Have Fun!!!

Em said...

Amen to Dino BBQ, Fairway, the Strand, and shopping around Soho. Check out fun Pylones on Spring Street in Soho. Also on Spring St, but the opposite direction is Rice to Riches--delicious rice pudding, and it was also in the movie Hitch!

Central Park is a wonderland, and so is Fort Tryon. Like Meg, I lived up in that area and it is absolutely gorgeous.

But...honestly. NY truly isn't NY unless you hit Harlem. It's my favorite part of NY. For a really amazing Caribbean restaurant with live music check out Mobay, located on 125th between (I think) 5th and Lenox. I'll be honest--it's a little pricey but SO worth every single penny just for the experience. And, my word, the food!

Janae said...

What a wonderful surprise!

Here's a few ideas: http://mormoninmanhattan.blogspot.com/2009/03/yep-i-like-to-eat.html

Potbelly is definitely worth eating at. We have it here-YUM! I know design mom (Liz Stanleys sister-in-law) wrote a post about NY favorites, but I couldn't find it in her archives. Try e-mailing her for more info.

Morgan said...

I do not believe that I've ever commented before. Well let me just say that I LOVE your blog! I'm so excited for you to come to NYC! I'm here for school right now. I love it , and I am quite sure that you will, too! I am saddened to say that, as a busy college student, I don't get out as much as I'd like to. If you want some great ideas, here they are:
She listed all of the things that I would have told you to do, plus a million more. Have fun on your trip!!!

joanne said...

The Shake Shack in Madison Square Park (23rd & Park Ave South)is great, as is The Burger Joint, a tiny little GREAT burger place in the Parker Meridian on 56th, I think.


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