Dear Lifetime Channel,
I never thought I'd have a reason to watch you. Still, thank you for putting full episodes Project Runway's new season online. It has made giving up cable in order to pay more pressing bills virtually painless.

Dear Mom & Dad,
My polka dotted blouse arrived in the mail today and I was so excited I wore it around the house with red heels. Do you think I'd look overdressed if I swung by the library in it? No, I thought not. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You spoil me unceasingly.

Dear Kate Spade,
I'm so glad that you'll be selling legwear this fall. I'm thrilled that I can get something at your store for under $20. I'm already planning on buying those fabulous green tights to wear with my new blouse. And the red tights. And the teal ones. And those amazing polka dotted knee socks....

Dear Hot Weather,
Please go away. I want to wear tights and sweaters and knee high boots. I miss running in crisp air and wish I could plan a Halloween costume without wondering if my face makeup will melt.

Dear Brownies on the Kitchen Counter,
I can't hear you. I can't hear you. I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

Dear Running Shoes,
Please speak up. The brownies keep drowning you out.


mosey along said...

Dear Melancholy Smile,
Thanks for the tip about Project Runway, I'll be cancelling my cable herewith.

Dear Brownies,
I hear you and I'm on my way.

Marci said...

Loved this post :-)!

The Dragonfly said...

A. Hilarious post.

B. That shirt is SO you!

C. My brownies also talk to me.

Janae said...

You seriously make my life better! I learn more and more thru you. I LOVE discovering that you've put up a new post. They always have things that make me smile, laugh, or ponder. I must tell you, I've become accustomed to wearing my high heels now thanks to your help. NEVER thought I'd be a high heels girl. They make me feel...flirty, thirty, and thriving. Wait, I'm not 30 yet! (Okay, I'm up WAY too late)

Brownies vs. running...I eat brownies, feel remorse, and then go running. Then I feel hungry and I eat the brownies. The process repeats. Those dang brownies, why do they always have to talk to us??? :)

Apis Melliflora said...

Dear M. Smile,

Thank you for your clever, funny, polka dotted post. Welcome smile over here.

Em said...

Darling post, darling polka dot top.

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