There is a difference {sometimes vast} between religion and culture. As a Latter Day Saint, I hold my christian beliefs close to my heart. They are sacred and I would never make light of them. Mormon culture, on the other hand, can drive me up a wall.

For instance; among other things, Mormons strive to be organized, thoughtful and thrifty. And yet most find it almost impossible to RSVP for an event. Ever. Why is that? Surely, it helps when organizing an event to know how many will be in attendance? If one has ever hosted an event, it is quite easy to remember being in such a position, standing in the isles of a party store wondering if one package of napkins will suffice or if two are in order. It would be thoughtful to spare someone the guessing game by giving them a short phone call with a yay or a nay. And as for thrifty-- well, let's just say there is no need to bake 24 cupcakes if 12 will do just fine.

This is not meant to be a tirade. I've been guilty of such infractions myself. But it's been on my mind this week as I've been preparing for Little Miss C's birthday. We sent out 20 invitations. Half have RSVP'd.

The half that isn't Mormon. :)


Christa Jeanne said...

Seriously!!! Try working with mostly single LDS folks. It's like attempting to herd cats. I actually had to change the time of my birthday bash this weekend because so few of my guests RSVP'ed promptly (despite reminder emails) that I was stuck calling the restaurant super-late in the game, and the only time the could accommodate us was 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday. It's so frustrating!

Charlotte said...

I'm terrible.

When I'm on the inviting end, I totally want to know who is and is not coming, and I want to know NOW.

When I'm on the being invited end, "RSVP" to me means, "If you aren't going to come, then let me know--at some point. If you are going to come, then no need to say anything, because I'll be seeing you soon!"

I've contemplated sending out invitations with the words, "Please call or e-mail to tell me whether or not you will be in attendence at this fine gathering." That's because sometimes I think many of us look at those fancy frech initials as little more than window dressing.

Rachael said...

Can I add another gripe? Thank-you notes! Many a wedding present have I sent off, never to know if it actually arrived or not. Ditto for meals.

The Dragonfly said...

Well, my smiling friend, you have managed to put a smile on my face today!

There are two things about our culture that could drive me to drink (okay, more like a hundred things, but I'm kidding about the drinking) - RSVPs and being on time. No matter how hard we Mormons try, we just can't get the hang of either!

My solution has been to exclude the term RSVP (scary French initials) and put "regrets only please call" and then my phone number. It seems to work better.

I'm sure the party is going to be awesome, can't wait to hear details.

Anonymous said...

I sent out invitations
to a special group of pals,
a little get-together
for super guys and gals.

I asked them all to answer,
with a simple yay or nay,
All I desired to know was
would they come to my special day?

But, nary a one responded
to my plea for courtesy
And, now I'm holding surplus
from 'Escape to Fanta-sea'!

Don't mistake the impossible for the undoable.

liz stanley said...

oh the rsvp thing really bugs me too

Miggy said...

seriously! what's wrong with us?

Apis Melliflora said...

Very enlightening. I like it when people respond and when they are close to on time (5/10 min. late at most) so I feel your pain.

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