Paint vs Paper

So, I finally finished painting Little Miss C's room. It's a lovely, barely-there shade called Ballerina Gown {which helped tremendously when it came to talking her out of her first choice, the garish Sleeping Beauty Pink}. 

It took me longer than I'd first planned-- I leapt right into the project the minute I had enough cash for a gallon of primer and paint, forgetting, of course, that it takes two gallons to adequately cover the walls. Little Miss C had to spend a few weeks with the furniture pushed to the center of a room that looked as though Flora and Merryweather had had a wand fight.

But eventually I finished. And I set up the furniture. Added accents of pale green and yellow. Organized her toys in the closet with storage containers and clever labels. It was absolutely perfect for about an hour.

The very next day, every surface of the wall was covered in paper. Bright. Neon. Pink. Paper. She colored on it. She cut out words. She made paper chains. And hung them everywhere. She was so thrilled to have so many walls as her own personal gallery. It's cute, I guess. If I don't look directly at it. 


My daughter the artist.


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Apis Melliflora said...

I'm trying to envision it. But I would love a glimpse. She's like her mom...she has a vision and will make it happen.

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