Project #5

As much as I believe in giving Little Miss C artistic freedom, I just couldn't stand the paper taped to her walls any longer. I purchased a bunch of frames at Ikea and we worked on beautifying her room. {I'm going to buy this print, but made my own in the meantime.}

Then I had her fill the rest of the frames with her own artwork. She gets to have her artistic freedom {within a framework} and I get to forget about peeling tape off the walls. Sometimes compromise works out perfectly.

We also made a bunch of die-cut flower pins and attached them to her bed canopy. It added a much needed pop of bright color.Tangent-- All those Hannah Montana books? They symbolize the demise of her innocent childhood, I swear. I never thought I'd miss her obsession with princesses and Blues Clues, but I do.

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Anonymous said...

I'm posting for all the projects here, since I just viewed them.


As much as I loved the London-scape (the dark is very intriguing) I really think the bird collection was actually the most impressive.

Not that it was more difficult to do, perhaps, but the concept of taking the original image apart and giving it life/flight across your wall.

You are good!! Thanks for sharing.

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