Little Miss C gets Baptized

There have only been a few moments in my life when I've been in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing for the right reason and have felt flooded by love, peace, and the surety that God lives. This weekend was one of those moments.

I hadn't expected to feel this way about C's baptism. After all, it was her day, her decision, and her opportunity to feel the warmth in her soul, the whispering in her mind, as the Holy Ghost let her know that she was taking the first step towards returning to her Heavenly Father. But instead, I was the one fighting back tears as she dressed all in white and stepped into the water with her Daddy to be baptized by immersion.

I watched my little girl beaming, and felt filled to the brim with all my hopes and dreams for her. It seemed incomprehensible that anyone could care for her more than her Daddy and I do, but I knew with a surety that God does. That he loves all of us more fiercely than I can comprehend.

Aside from the spiritual high, a few things that stand out in my mind from that day are these:

the image of walking into the chapel after arranging for a {much} earlier than usual baptism, only to find the font empty and the room unprepared. Family instantly began setting up chairs and turning on the water. It was heartwarming to see them all so unfazed. {It turned out that we were in the wrong building. }

After making our way to the correct building, walking in to see that our sweet primary president had set out programs with C's photo on a lovely table with flowers.

Looking out over the room filled with familiar faces, all as happy for and supportive of my daughter as I.

Little Miss C being taught by her 8 year old cousin about the purpose of baptism. How lucky they are to have each other!

Dressing C in the same diaphanous white and gold dress that my mother wore at her baptism, and I wore at mine.

The sun shining on her face like an angel as as she was confirmed.

It was a wonderful, wonderful day.

{If you desire, you can learn more about LDS Baptism here}


The Dragonfly said...

Everything about this post makes me happy, but these three things in particular:

Family gathered together.

An eight year old making an extremely righteous choice that will bless her life and future generations.

That dress. Oh, that dress.

Janae said...

I can't believe how old C is! What a gorgeous dress and tradition you've started. And I love seeing your parents there. I miss you all--it's been TOO long!

Just Looking said...

We miss you too Janae! Definitely time for a family reunion!

One of my favourite memories of that day was Miss C coming up to me with bright eyes and telling me that as she came out of the water she started to feel a warm feeling that filled her whole body and then "the whole room" and it made her eyes cry happy.

The Queen Vee said...

What a truly happy post this is. Loved all the pictures because they are of the most important things in life....God, family, children, hubby.

What a sweet, sweet dress.

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