I'm painting today. I've just finished the baseboards {they're still white, but now they look so nice and crisp!} the tabletop {which had been peeling} and now I'm on to the boy's room. You'd think all this painting would have me burned out, but instead I find myself dreaming of painting the rest of the house. I'd love to paint over the Swiss Cocoa that is now the dominant color in most of our living areas, and replace it with a very pale grey, like this:

I even like the pop of turquoise. And I'd love to paint the kitchen cabinets white. We have black appliances, so maybe white on top and black on bottom, like this:

I'm keeping an eye out for a long, simple table like the one below, only in white. It'd lighten the room and look good with our dark chairs {until I can replace them with something like these}

I think all the above might be enough to dissuade me from attempting white walls or floors, which seem to crowd my inspiration folder.

Ah, Projects never end.


The Dragonfly said...

I'd say what never ends is your good taste!

Miggy said...

Do it! The swiss cocoa to light grey that is, of course I haven't seen your house, but I bet it would look great.

Apis Melliflora said...

Painting and I aren't friends. I need company and/or deadlines to motivate me. I like the gray, but have a fondness for the brown too. If your energy stays high, I say go for it!

hukolb said...

We were just remeniscing of your last year's Halloween blogs as we watched the Incredibles with the kids the other night. So, any ideas for the red spandex:), life guards it is? You guys are great! We can always come up with ideas for the kids but its hard to make it into a theme or get anything going for the parents. We'll see how we do with a butterfly and cowboy this year:). Good luck with the painting, someday you are welcome to come paint our house, or at least send along your ideas:). One of my favorite colors is gray, though the brown is so rich. Keep us posted!

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