Happy Birthday E!

E woke us up at the crack of dawn asking if he could decorate the house for his birthday. He's having a Pirate Party on Saturday, and he is so excited. While I'm not ready to hang pirate flags from the ceiling just yet, we will be making a cake and singing endless rounds of Happy Birthday. I'm eager for him to leave age 4 behind. It was a tough year. Hopefully, year 5 will bring with it a little more patience and self restraint, a little less stubbornness and tantrum throwing. :)


Apis Melliflora said...

Fun! We had a pirate party once! We ate our cake with pirate swords. I hope for the exact same things for our H, also about to turn 5. There were times this past year when we wanted to tie him up to the mast.

Monkey Business said...

Happy Birthday E!
Although Im relieved to hear that 4 isn't so fun for everyone, Im also a little nervous since we are only 3 weeks into our twins 4th year!! Agh!!

chicago_mom said...

This is only our personal experience, but our 4-almost-5-y/o is really stepping up the tantrums right now. However, lots of moms at his school tell me that it's perfectly normal for boys to have their issues like that until about 6. Then, apparently, they start to become human beings. ;) Good luck and happy birthday to E! My Sammy would love a pirate party.

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