Superheroes in our Midst

It all started in December, when not once, but twice, we came home to a doorstep full of Christmas dinner goodies and an envelope full of gift cards.

We were able to buy clothes for Little Miss C, who desperately needed them, and purchase other necessities.

Later, the pharmacist at our local drug store noticed that I was paying full price for my prescriptions since we no longer have health insurance. She dug up a discount card for me and my bill went from $25 a month to $8 a month{!}

January came, and with it, an unexpected check just as we were wondering how to pay the mortgage. Then last week, we found our doorstep laden with groceries minutes after I poured the last of the milk.

I am in awe.

I have always known that the Lord most often answers our prayers through the actions of other people, but I was unprepared for how I would feel after benefiting from such service. It's hard to describe.

I am touched.

More than that, I feel looked out for and cared for in ways that I haven't felt for a long time.

Years ago, I shared a poem during a lesson in church {The Queen, by Pablo Neruda}. Afterwards, many of the women came up to me and commented that they had never thought of me as the poetry type. I remember feeling so lonely and discouraged by that. Of course I love poetry! I thought, Don't these people know me at all? I comforted myself with the knowledge that I only truly need One person to understand me and know me in this life. But still, it was a sad experience.

Now, having received these numerous, selfless gifts, I can't help but think that there is more than One person who knows my name! There are people who care about my family and know our needs! There are people who pray for us, befriend us and watch out for us! There are people out there who would be totally unsurprised to hear me quote poetry!

It warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

So thank you, all you do-gooders out there. Thank you so much!


hannah said...

Lovely post.

The Dragonfly said...

You've been on my mind sweet blog friend. The joy of this post for me is recognizing that we all, at some time or another, get to be both a beneficiary of such superheroes or the superhero himself. Both roles have much to teach us.

Scottkids said...

That is so wonderful! God truly answers our prayers!

Carrie Stuart said...

That is such a wonderful feeling! We have had a couple of experiences like that when we were in school with 4 young kids. I think it is a wonderful experience for all involved...for the givers who KNOW that Heavenly Father knows He can count on them...to the receivers who are reminded that He has even their hairs numbered. Those are precious experiences, for sure. We'll be sending you guys prayers from Japan. *Hugs*.

Rebecca said...

i love to read posts such as this...
we are all in this life together and it is so refreshing to hear stories of that testament.

Apis Melliflora said...

Thank you for sharing this!

I love that you love poems. Me too. I'm not sure if I knew this about you, but it didn't surprise me at all.

You and yours are in my prayers.

hukolb said...

Just rereading when you found out you were expecting, August 3rd isn't here just yet:). I am always taken aback when someone so generously gives...I think I need to be reminded regularly how that feels so I am more in tune with others' needs and ready to give so willingly to the point of sacrifice myself. Hope you are hanging in there!

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