Pirate Boy!

After two weeks of E asking pitifully, "How many minutes until my party?" we finally celebrated on Saturday. Doesn't he look cute with his little Pirate Girl cousin?

We didn't take many photos {mostly video-- it tends to be one or the other in this house.} but J utilized his balloon twisting skills and made balloon swords for all the kids so they could sword fight while we waited for everyone to arrive. Then they had a treasure hunt, played Pin the Treasure on the Pirate Map, and smashed the Pirate Ship Pinata.

Then E spent the afternoon playing with all his awesome presents. We've all become accustomed to being shot by the Nerf gun, and baby L is terrified of E's Jurassic Park dinosaur, which makes a ferocious roar-and-bone-crunching sound.

Then we went to a hockey game {thanks Mom & Dad!} It's been a while, and they kids were very excited.

Our team won-- the perfect end to a fun filled day. Too bad E is already planning his next birthday party. :)


Kleine Sch├Ątzchen said...

Hi there! Funny to see you used the very same pinhata that we had (in Germany! This world is a small one :)). None of our little guests were able to smash it, though. I had to do it and used all my frustration energy to do so :) Have a wonderful day overseas...


hukolb said...

Now that our kids caught on to what birthdays mean, that's all we talk about, the next one:). Too bad they're not until August and October!

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